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Apache APISIX is a project maintained by community members under the Apache Software Foundation and abide by ASF's code of conduct.

We have a transparent and inclusive community where you can join in and contribute to the discussion.

Subscribe to the Mailing List#

You can subscribe to the Apache APISIX mailing list to discuss issues, suggest new ideas, and participate in other community discussions.

  1. To subscribe to the mailing list, first, send an email to

  2. Once you send the email, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from

  3. Reply to this email to confirm your subscription.

  4. Once you confirm, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on using and communicating over the mailing list.

  5. To view archived emails from the mailing list, check out the history.

Join the Slack Channel#

You can join the Apache APISIX Slack channel in two ways: