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Full Lifecycle API Management

API Gateway, Ingress Controller, etc.

Apache APISIX provides rich traffic management features like Load Balancing, Dynamic Upstream, Canary Release, Circuit Breaking, Authentication, Observability, etc.

Building for large-scale, high value systems

Apache APISIX provides open source API Gateway to help you manage microservices, delivering the ultimate performance, security, and scalable platform for all your APIs and microservices.

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Apache APISIX is based on NGINX and etcd. Compared with traditional API Gateways, APISIX has features like dynamic routing and hot-loading plugins, etc.

Why APISIX Gateway?

Reduce time fighting bugs, focus on designing world-class systems with API Gateway

Apache APISIX is the first open-source API Gateway that includes a built-in low-code Dashboard, which offers a powerful and flexible UI for developers to use.

Easy-to-use Dashboard

The Apache APISIX Dashboard is designed to make it as easy as possible for users to operate Apache APISIX through a frontend interface. It’s opensource and ever evolving, feel free to contribute.

User Flexible

The Apache APISIX dashboard is flexible to User demand, providing option to create custom modules through code matching your requirements, alongside the existing no-code toolchain.

Pluginised Workflow

No need to reinvent the wheel again and again. Use inbuilt plugins to create high performance systems in tight deadlines. For something custom, there is option of building custom plugins.


Ultimate performance

Apache APISIX Gateway uses radixtree-route-matching and etcd under the hood to provide you the ability to create high speed synchronized systems. From routing to built-in plugins, all these are designed and implemented to be uber performant with the minimum latency possible.


Shield against the malicious

Apache APISIX Gateway provides multiple security plugins for identity authentication and API verification, including CORS, JWT, Key Auth, OpenID Connect (OIDC), Keycloak, etc. We put stability and security first. For more information, check here.

Scalability and availability

Scales with your users

Apache APISIX Gateway provides the ability to write your own custom plugins, use custom Load Balancing Algorithms during the balancer phase for scaling and custom Routing algorithms for fine control on routing.

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Fully dynamic

Save dev-time, design what matters

As API Gateway, Apache APISIX provides Hot updates and Hot plugins, which continuously update configurations without restarts, saving development time and stress. In addition, health checks, circuit breakers, and many more features keep the system balanced.

Multi-platform and protocol

Create once, run anywhere

Platform agnostic, no vendor lock-in. Apache APISIX as API Management solution, can run from bare-metal to Kubernetes. It supports HTTP to gRPC transcoding, websockets, gRPC, Dubbo, MQTT proxy and multiple platforms including ARM64, don't worry about the lock-in of the infra technology.

Among the best, and always improving

Apache APISIX Gateway is open source and ever-evolving. Here's a general comparison of APISIX with other API Gateway options, choose your right API Gateway.

FeatureAPISIXOther API Gateways
Single-core CPU, QPS (enable limit-count and prometheus plugins)18000~1700
Latency0.2 ms2 ms
Dubbo, MQTT, Tengine and REST API to gRPC transcoding
Configuration rollback
Custom Load Balancing and routing
Plugin hot loading
Support any NGINX variable as routing condition

Building API Gateway Together

Apache APISIX is open source and ever-growing.
Contributors are always welcome, reach out to us on GitHub.

Learn from developers

What are microservices? What is an API Gateway? Want to learn Apache APISIX usage, but don't know where to start? Check out our Docs.

Like visual information, check out our YouTube channel for detailed tutorials. Subscribe for more.

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